Alexis is a product design and innovation leader who has spent her career designing experiences for how we read, write, and share information on the internet. She is currently the VP of Product Design at Medium and has previously led design and innovation work at The New York Times R&D Lab, Axios, and Automattic. She co-leads the Ethical Futures Lab and has a deep curiosity about how humans and machines co-evolve with one another.

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Articles & Talks

Networked Material

Future Everything

Object Narratives

Future of Storytelling


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Automattic Product Experience Playbook

Principles and best practices for product design


An experimental text editor for micro-tagging

Listening Table

Augmented table that listens to the conversations around it

Object Record

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Revitalizing The New York Times photo archive


Semantic network visualization of New York Times topics


Environmental computing interactions in the kitchen


Clip, annotate, collect and share New York Times content


Tracking historical usage of language


Ambient information display in the home

Personalized, social news reader

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Multi-platform news reading experiences