> Custom Times

In the Research & Development lab at The New York Times, we’ve created a prototype called “Custom Times” which offers users a personalized version of The New York Times that seamlessly transitions across multiple platforms: print, web, mobile, tv/living room and the car.

Increasingly, people are consuming news content on a wide variety of platforms, thus the goal of Custom Times is to provide a rich, engaging news reading (and watching) experience that anticipates the user’s needs across devices and environments. Custom Times takes on many of the challenges that all media companies face in creating multi-platform products and services: designing consistent and appropriate user interfaces for a myriad of devices, delivering content that is appropriate for each device, and creating new, novel interactions that enable cross-device functionality.

Custom Times consists of a interactive newspaper box, a personalized web site, a mobile web site, a TV application and car integration and was one of the 2009 recipients of the Knight-Batten Grand Prize for Innovation in Journalism.

Role: collaborated on concept, design, and development with Michael Young, Ted Roden, and Nick Bilton

Year: 2009