> ‘Reveal’ Interactive Mirror

Chosen as one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions of 2011, The R&D Lab’s Reveal is a mirror platform that we’ve designed to explore how the relationship between information and the self is evolving and how media content from the New York Times and others might play a part.

By using a special semi-reflective glass surface, the users of the mirror are able to see both a normal reflection of the real world as well as overlaid, high-contrast graphics. We’ve dubbed this “augmented reflection”. Conceptually, the idea is that our mirror can reveal the halos of data around real-world objects, including ourselves.

Envisioned as a key fixture in your home, the mirror uses face recognition to call up personalized data, including health stats, a calendar, news feeds, and other information relevant to your morning routine. Voice commands switch between views, and gestures activate content, including full-screen video messages from other mirror users. An RFID-enabled shelf responds to objects that are placed on it, such as medications and personal care products, revealing personalized data. The mirror will recognize certain behaviors, such as when you schedule a trip or fail to get enough exercise, and recommend contextually-relevant content. If you’re interested, you can tap your phone on the mirror to sync the article for reading on the run or on our Surface Reader application.

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